1 Area: £145
2 Areas: £195
3 Areas: £245

Botox (Botulinum A ) & Dermal Fillers

As we get older wrinkles occur for a number of reasons such as gravity lines, sleep lines, and dynamic lines, which are formed when we frown, raise our eyebrows or smile. Botox® (such as Bocouture) treatments can be used to help prevent dynamic wrinkles from forming.

As well as relaxing wrinkles already in place by relaxing the muscles. The injections are safe, relatively pain-free, and very effective.

The three main areas that can be treated are the frown lines (sometimes referred to as ‘number 11’) formed when we scowl. The forehead lines or creases that appear when we raise our eyebrows. Also, crows feet – the crinkles that appear around our eyes when we smile or laugh. As every face is unique, you may not need to have all 3 areas treated. The treatment takes 4 days to start taking effect and is fully complete by 2 weeks. The effects are not permanent and top up treatments are required at around 3-4 month intervals.

Regular treatments will dramatically improve the appearance of wrinkles as the muscles become weaker over time.

Please note Botox® is a prescription only medicine.

A good time to discuss your expectations and ask any questions.

Teoxane Dermal fillers are offered to reduce deep lines including nasolabial and marionettes, enhance cheeks and lips, and to replace the fat we lose as we get older.

Teosyal is a gel that is injected into the skin to lift up wrinkles and add fullness to the lips.

Technically known as hyaluronic acid, it is a natural substance found throughout the body. It lubricates our joints, gives our eyes their shape and provides volume to the skin.

Injected by your practitioner in small amounts, Teosyal and Hyaluronic acid can lift up wrinkles to the level of the surrounding skin and enhance the contours of the lips

Treatments include the standard frown, forehead and laughter lines as well as advanced treatments to reduce chin dimpling, open up tired eyes, lift a downturned mouth, soften peri-oral ‘smoker’s lines’, treat neck lines or a sagging jawline, and the ever popular eyebrow lift.

Dermal Fillers

Lips: from £250 - £325

Nasolabial Folds: £325

Marionettes: £325

Cheek Augmentation: £325-650

You are more than just a frown or laughter line…

At The Vinery we have two amazing facial aesthetics practitoners trained in advanced Botulinum A and Teoxane Dermal Fillers.

Treatments are tailored to your specific needs and age, plus there are options for every budget too.

Dr Liliana Beaven & Sue Green EDH have the same focus on providing a subtly enhanced natural looks that results in a fresh, rejuvenated appearance.

We are stockist of Environ Jane Iredale  Advance Nutrition & Guinot Products.

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